Coming October 21, 2017
Burlington, NC

A tremendous sale of personal property of local
gent!  (deceased)

 A FULL DAY of selling some vintage Caterpillar dozers and earth moving equipment,
 tons of servicing parts for the Caterpillars, numerous heavy equipment shop tools.

DOZERS AND OTHER: Cat D8s, D7s, D6s, RD7, R5, D4s, D2s, 60, 50, 35, 30, IH TD-6; Cat 613 self loading scraper, Cat 12 tandem axle grader, pull scrapers by Letourneau & Cat, pull graders by Cat & Adams w/Wisconsin power controls & Russell on steel, Heil 1.5 yd pans, Rome Disc, Bucyrus 10-B shovel, sheeps foots & rollers, rock crusher, rippers by Letourneau & Cat & Fleco, root rakes and stump busters, Gardner-Denver trailer style air compressors w/ CAT power, IH ID-9 tractor, (several items in daily use until 4-5 years ago and well maintained), plus lots & lots more, many NEW-OLD-STOCK ORIGINAL CATERPILLAR PARTS for above dozers: including seats & cushions, under carriage top and bottom rollers, roller shells, rear sprockets, front idlers, pins and bushings, premium sealed rails, crankshafts, radiator cores, hoods and other sheet metal, filters and gaskets, lots of parts in original boxes, probably 3 tons of cutting edges, teeth & end bits, OTHER PARTS: CAT D7 reman heads, recon D7 heads, tons & tons of gently used parts for engines, undercarriage parts , power train, winches, starters (including pony), straight & angle dozer blades with mounts, several sets of very good used dozer tracks, rolls of large steel cable for machinery, SHOP TOOLS AND SUPPLIES: original CAT manuals for everything from D2 to D8 plus others, parts books, owners manuals, lots of wrenches and tools from big to very large, large anvil with fixtures, cases of oil, 55 gal drums of oil, large quantity of grease & lubricants in unopened buckets, heavy equipment maintenance equipment including presses, drill press, bench grinders, very heavy steel work tables, vises, Van Norman boring bar, Sioux valve grinding machine, air compressor, several chain hoist, lots of jacks, jack stands, large Hobart welder on trailer, lots of bolts & nuts by the case, bolt bins, and after 50+ years too much to list. GUNS: a large variety of 15-20 firearms with lots of shotguns & rifles including Iver Johnson, LC Smith, Winchester, Stevens, Fox-Sterlingworth, Ithaca, and others, boxes of shot gun shells and 22 ammo (gun buyers note! all firearms sold by all ATF and state regulations plus our terms). Check our website for our gun purchase terms & conditions and a partial gun list). No guns on site until sale day. SPECIAL INTEREST: rare 38 fire dept. bell on stand by C. S. Bell CO, Hillsboro, Ohio

More info later as we have just got under contract
and it will take some time to get inventoried.

Item listings and lots of photos will be added each week beginning September 18

Here is the first list of machinery/construction equipment.

Lots more shown in photo section

Inv. # Brand Model Description
1 Caterpillar Dozer D7, Serial # 3T14542, pony start, 22" shoes, excellent undercarriage, Cat 25 cable control with 7S cable blade (has mounts for hyd. cylinders)
2 LeTourneau Scraper LP model 12 yd., Serial #S-33429, fair cond, ex military
3 Caterpillar Dozer D8, Serial # 8R9039, pony start, 22" shoes, excellent undercarriage, Cat #25 cable control, no blade or cable hardware 
4 Caterpillar Dozer D7, Serial # 3T2721, Cat #25 cable control with 7S cable blade (has mounts for hyd. Cylinders)
5 Rome Disc Offset wheel type cable operated, Model # TAW 20-28, Serial # 10TAW-758, good disc with all scrapers, equipped for hyd. cylinders
6 Caterpillar Dozer D7, Serial # 4T9559, electric start pony, 22" shoes, good undercarriage, Cat #25 cable control with cable S blade and Fleco root rake
7 Caterpillar Dozer D7, Serial # 4T4268, good undercarriage, Cat # 25 cable control with 7S cable blade ( has mounts for hyd. Cylinders), has 5 Hensley 1003H stump busters mounted
8 Caterpillar Blade Adj. angle style, (has mounts for hyd. cylinders), 11'-6" wide with 97" center to center frame bolsters
9 Caterpillar Blade Straight style, (has mounts for hyd. cylinders), 9'-1" wide with 95" center to center frame bolsters
10 Caterpillar Dozer D6 (6 cyl), hydraulic system, Serial # 9U21822, pony start, 74" track gauge, 18" shoes, fair undercarriage,  11' angle blade
11 Unknown Pan old hydraulic operated single axle 2 yd.? scraper (pan?) in rather poor condition
12 Heil Pan old cable operated 
13 LeTourneau Scraper Model LS, Serial # S-20044LS-J, poor rubber
14 LeTourneau Scraper Small size, no data
15 LeTourneau Scraper Model LS, Serial # S-17157LS-J, tires fair
16 LaPlante-Choate Blade Non ajustable, 9'-0" Serial # RB 35_71
17 Unknown Blade Adjustable, 9'-6"
18 Unknown Blade Non Adj., cable operation, 10'-0"
19 LeTourneau Scraper Model LSJ, Serial # S-20069, ex-military, hitch needs repair, tires hold air
20 Caterpillar Dozer D8, pony start, Serial # 2U15217, 24" shoes, Good undercarriage, Cat # 24 front cable control, Cat # 25 rear cable control, good project machine
21 Caterpillar Dozer D7, electric pony start, Serial # 7M5569 (ex military), 22" shoes,very good undercarriage, Cat # 25 cable control, 10' blade could be by Cat, has Flexco root rake
22 Caterpillar Dozer D4, hydraulic machine, Serial # 3T582W, LeTourneau rear cable control, good undercarriage, 16" shoes, 7'-9" Cat 4S blade
      ADDED 9/20/2017
23 Caterpillar Dozer D6, elec. pony start, Serial # 9U10757, 20" shoes on good undercarriage, Cat # 25 cable control, has 10 brush/root rake
24 Caterpillar Dozer D7, elec. pony start, Later version with engine turbo, Serial # 17A19394, ROPS, 22" shoes on excellent undercarriage, Cat #25 cable control, 10' Cat S blade
25 Caterpillar Dozer D7, elec. pony start, Serial #3T19996, Cat #25 cable control, 22" shoes on good undercarriage, 10' Cat S blade
26 Caterpillar Dozer D7, 24V direct start, hydraulic machine, Serial #17A9782, 22" shoes on fair undercarriage, 10' A style blade, equipped with Hyster rear winch
27 Caterpillar Dozer D2, pony start, Serial # ubknown, 16" shoes on good undercarriage, Hyster rear winch, 7'-9" blade
28 Caterpillar Loader Model # unknown, small size (D4??), Serial # 7U25165SP,  pony start, Fair undercarriage, decent bucket
29 Caterpillar Dozer D7, later 17A version with turbo, Serial number 17A19393, OROP, rear CAT cable control, 22" shoes on good undercarriage, 9'-9" blade
30 Caterpillar Motor Scraper Model 613 pan, Serial # 71M2968, V8 CAT power, decent23.5 tires, self loading, 
31 Caterpillar Grader Model 12E, Serial # 80C166, ex military, 24V electric start, 12' Hydraulic side shift blade
32 International Dozer TD-9,  Serial # unknown, Hydraulics work, 15" shoes on fair undercarriage, gas start/Diesel run, runs very good on start but diesel is not changing over, 9'-6" blade
      Lots of items  shown in photo section


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Lots more info and photos coming

Gun Listing:

Numbers in A column are our inventory # and not sale order.    
Inv. # Brand Gauge Barrels Serial Number Notes
102 Winchester Mod. 94 Buffalo Bill 30/30   1676605  WC76605 New In box 
1 Browning 2000 Gas Op Automatic 20 3-5 Shot 631PM-05069 New In Box
55 LC Smith 20 Dbl. Barrel FW91445  
91 Western Field 20 Dbl. Barrel 230363  
44 Iver Johnson Champion 20 Sgl. Barrel HXUC  
16 Fox Sterlingworth 12   143077  
17 Fox Sterlingworth 12 Dbl. Barrel 66583  
53 Krupp/European 12 Dbl. Barrel 647  
18 Fox Sterlingworth 12 Dbl. Barrel 160898  
59 LC Smith 12 Dbl. Barrel 134354  
72 Parker Brothers 12 Dbl. Barrel 222041  
76 Remington 1100 Magnum 12   M233698M  
73 Remington 1100 12 Automatic 545254V  
26 Ithaca 12 Dbl. Barrel 323506  
69 Lefever/Western Arms 12 Dbl. Barrel 328734  
81 Remington Sportsman 58 12   12078V  
96 Winchester  12 Pump 1570574  
84 Stevens Model 311 Deluxe 12 Dbl. Barrel B246370  
33 Ithaca model 1900 12 Dbl. Barrel 39322 hammer
77 Remington 150th Anniversary Model 552 .22 Rifle LEN48 150th Anniv. 1816-1966
  NOTE: List subject to editing