Creekside Auction Service

Serving Central North Carolina Since 1991


No buyers premium will be added to the purchase price of items at our sales. All sale day announcements by auctioneer will take precedence over any print or electronic media. All items sold "as is--where is" without warranty of any kind. Buyer will be required to register and obtain buyer number in order to purchase at sale. Photo I.D. with full legal name and permanent address is required to register and after registering, buyer will be responsible for all items purchased with said number. By registering for a buyers number, all bidders agree to the "terms and conditions" statement provided with the buyer number issued and any opening statements made by the auctioneer.

Buyers will be expected to make personal inspection and provide his/her judgment as to age,
make, model, or condition of item(s) before bidding. After the "sold" hammer falls, buyer is responsible for securing his/her purchases, auctioneer assumes no liability for damage/loss of awarded item(s). The buyer assumes all responsibility to install cover, shields, or any other safety device including steering and/or braking on vehicles of any kind.

No credit or debit cards accepted. Cash, cashiers check or business/personal check for purchases less than $5000. When paying by check for purchases of $5000 or above will require bank letter guaranteeing payment will be accepted, and buyer is expected to make full settlement before loading/moving item(s) from sale site. No out-of-state checks will be accepted unless approved by auctioneer prior to registering for buyer number. All funds are to be in U.S. dollars. Motor vehicles purchased by check will have the title held by auctioneer until check clears bank.

Neither Creekside Auction Service, the auctioneers, the seller, or the ground crew will be responsible for theft, fire, or accident.

Firearms sold will be subject to all State and Federal laws in addition to conditions announced by auctioneer on sale day. No out-of state buyers. No firearms will be available to buyer(s) at end of bidding process. The cashier will have the item(s) in a secured area until paid in full and once released to buyer, he agrees to immediately remove from the public area of the sale. Firearm permits will be enforced and may be required by auctioneer on ALL firearms regardless of Federal/State laws where public safety is a consideration. Where a federal permit is not required, the auctioneer may accept a recorded buyer ID and release for each firearm purchase. The Buyer must complete a release form supplied by the auctioneer providing positive ID and may include a photo of buyer to be taken on sale day (or black/white copy of driver license taken on sale day may be acceptable). This must be completed before we will release any firearm. All hand guns will require permit or concealed carry permit to purchase and information will be retained by auctioneer.

There are no "disputed bids" between bidders. The auctioneer has the sole right to determine the high bidder and awarding the sale of the item to the successful buyer with the customary "sold" phrase or any other signal to indicate the completion of the sale contract. Once an item is sold, a "contract" is formed and is legally binding and the bidding will not be opened for further bidding on the disputed item.

The auctioneer is acting as an agent and is not responsible for acts of its principals.

The sale record kept by the auctioneer and bookkeeping staff will be taken as final in the event of any dispute.

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to ask the auctioneer(s) for answers or clarification. If your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, we encourage you to be a part of our audience, but not to register for buyer number.